Falling In Love Again – Better With Age

It’s easy to be adored in your twenties, young and in love.  I remember how my husband rushed  from the altar when I walked down the aisle, a wave of giggles rippled through the church.  But at 49, would someone find me adorable?  Sexy? Lovable?  Get my humor? Understand my quirks? And not be terrified by my Vesuvian sneezes?

When you’re ready…you’ll rediscover your twenties!  Dating decades later is surprisingly exciting.  And fun.  And easy.  (Yes, easy.)  With a high divorce rate and a surprising number of people widowed, there’s a Midlife Renaissance going on out there in the world. Men and women on the other side of 40 –  smarter, more comfortable with themselves, and liberated from the responsibilities of child-rearing as adult children are grown and on their own – are experiencing a rebirth and looking for a soulmate.  You may find your Midlife Mate.  It really can happen.  When you’re ready…