Since You’ve Been Gone

Ola and Terri removed that big bush that used to block our side view of the street. Can you believe Lenny and Laurie eloped? Dessie died.  Since you’ve been gone, so much has happened.

There are events in life ‘after’ that you’re dying to discuss with your late spouse, perhaps something only they would appreciate. It’s the stuff of everyday life that elicits chitchat, laughter, shockwaves.

How often do you have questions to ask. Robert, do you like the new stone driveway and retaining wall, my first big house project since you’ve been gone. What do you think of my haircut?  Can you believe what the basement looks like these days, transformed from your alcoholic hideout to a cozy guest room?

Remember the very first time you picked up the phone out of habit to call your husband?  It’s chilling. I could almost sense the split-second timing of my brainwaves sending the message to my fingertips to stop punching in Robert’s number.  He won’t answer. The body registers what the mind wants to forget, he’s dead.

Tell us here what you wanted to tell them.  Ask us your questions.  Though we cannot answer for your late spouse, chances are we have similar thoughts.

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