Match v. eHarmony


In the v. eHarmony comparison, my thinking was that Match would cast a wider net, while eHarmony would yield a leaner but finer crop.  The two major players in the online dating world operate differently, though with the same goal.  Match is pretty basic:  there are plenty of fish in the sea, they give you the sea and you do the fishing.  eHarmony does the matching for you.

I joined Match first theorizing that men are inherently hunters and would prefer that sense of control when looking for a mate…or at least a date.  Plus, Match was an easier and quicker registration, anticipating that guys would have less patience than women.

Online dating is addictive, entertaining and as time-consuming as having a second job.  You come home and click around the site like cupid over-caffeinated. The goal is the elusive exclusive, finding someone who isn’t a serial dater. What I was looking for was my last date, but before that I’d have to have lots of first dates.

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