Revisiting Without Them – Special Places Don’t Have to Be Haunted

My friends, Terri and Ginni, took their Mom, a recent widow, to one of their parents’ favorite vacation destinations – Las Vegas.  Martha and Ernie had been vacationing there for years – enjoying the shows, the restaurants and most importantly, scouting out Martha’s favorite video poker machines. When Ernie passed away, the thought of returning to a place that held so many memories was daunting.  (What happens in Vegas…is over.) But with the support of her daughters, Martha made the pilgrimage.

As they walked into their upgraded rooms, Martha exclaimed:  “Daddy would have loved this!” She broke down for a minute, had her cry, and then…she had a wonderful trip.

Are you shying away from places that hold sway over your heart because they are imbued with couple memories? Perhaps you don’t have to stay away. As with all aspects of grieving, each person’s journey is different, there’s no widow timetable that assures us when we’re ready to move on. But if you’re thinking about it, you’re probably more ready than you’re willing to admit.  Maybe it’s a favorite restaurant, your ‘usual’ spot on the beach or a beloved vacation getaway.  What places are on your mind?



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