Packing up the “stuff” of their Life


In this New York Times article, the filmmaker, Judith Helfand, advises people to go through their loved one’s stuff…with them.

Of course, that’s not always possible.  It wasn’t for me. My husband’s diagnosis of “a 90% chance of dying in two weeks” and immediate hospitalization didn’t afford the time or opportunity.  I suspect most of us tackled their stuff…after.  Did any of you have the time and emotional strength to go through you’re loved one’s things…together?



3 Responses to “Packing up the “stuff” of their Life”

  1. mike

    I can think of one thing that i did i wish i hadn’t, and that was finding a wine glass in the cupboard
    With lipstick on the rim. i was paralyzed at the moment, there she was. i wish i still had that glass.
    I miss her, and it’s hard to feel the same about my new old friend from fifty years ago.
    We are in our sixties, and it’s a bit more complicated than twenty years ago, or more.

  2. Robin Bernstein

    It wasn’t possible for me either because my husband died unexpectedly of a heart attack. Nearly three years later, I’ll STILL sorting through his stuff. Now that my dad just passed, I’ll be going through his stuff with my mom. It will give me a chance to sort through hers, too…with her.

    • PaulaGanziLicata

      It’s been over five years for me and there’s still stuff to deal with. It will probably be cathartic for you and your mom to sort through your dad’s things together. I’m sure you’ll find comfort in each other’s company; you’re probably anticipating the tears, but I’m sure there’ll be laughter, too:)


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