Death Anniversaries


We remember our dearly departed throughout the year, but on death anniversaries we can count on the calendar to trigger our emotions. Similar to remembering where we were on 9/11, a death anniversary of a loved one is steeped in our psyche because of its tremendous impact on our lives. On anniversaries loved ones may visit the grave, light a candle, say a prayer, raise a glass in toast.

That initial anniversary in widowhood was the most powerful, having survived the Year of Firsts. As each anniversary presented itself, life was a little different. I was different.

Today marks seven years since Robert passed. I once stumbled upon a morning ritual of Robert’s during a challenging time in his life after he lost his mother. Before he left for work, he queued up his favorite Aretha Franklin song, closed his eyes and listened.

Robert, I hope you’re at peace. I hope you’re with your mother and father (and I hope they’re getting along up there!). Thank you for all the wonderful times. Please know that I am happy and that…I Say A Little Prayer for you.



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