Sad Holidays?

Labrador puppy looking up tangled up in Chirstmas lights.

The holidays are a particularly stressful time when there’s an alcoholic in the family. Gatherings prompt more worry than merry, wondering if the seasons celebrations will trigger bad behavior.

Having experienced some unhappy holidays with my late husband, I speak from experience. Loved ones of alcoholics often get lost in the holidays, trying to hold things together and keep up appearances. For you dear ones out there dealing with an excessive and compulsive drinker, a few thoughts:

  • Be realistic. The alcoholic isn’t going to suddenly sober up—despite promises—just because it’s Christmas or Hanukkah. Manage your expectations.
  • Willing yourself to feel the spirit of the season, you may find yourself overlooking bad behaviors.  Please don’t. We all know there’s no excuse—including the holidays—for alcoholism and all its ugly tentacles.
  • Do what you can to have the best holiday possible. If the alcoholic chooses not to attend a family function or a friend’s party, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t go.
  • Always remember, you can’t control the alcoholic, and what he/she does is not your fault.

Please find some joy in your days. Take care of your health. Be kind to yourself. Make a note on your To-Do list: “do something for myself” – and do it.

Wishing you health and happiness, peace and joy—you deserve it! Be well!


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