Journalist. Essayist. Author. Blogger.  I am an award-winning writer, a contributor to Newsday and The New York Times, including the Modern Love column and Opinionator. I’ve written hundreds of articles and essays for a range of publications covering such diverse issues as roadside memorials to installing a bat house in the backyard. My material often comes from the stuff of everyday life, such as getting caught re-gifting after Christmas. I recently completed a memoir, Bottles in the Basement: How I Lost My Husband to Alcoholism and Found Myself, and blog about navigating widowhood, surviving life with an alcoholic and Baby Boomer dating. I am a member of the American Society of Journalists & Authors, and hold an M.F.A. in Creative Writing from Hofstra University.  


Best Essay – 2016 American Society of Journalists & Authors: “Surviving an Alcoholic” – The New York Times

First Place – 2016 Press Club Media Awards (Non Local New Feature): “Surviving an Alcoholic” – The New York Times

 First Place – 2015 Press Club Media Awards (Narrative Humor): “My Appeal to Beachgoers ‐ Anchor Your Umbrella” – Newsday

 First Place – 2012 Press Club Media Awards (General Interest / Humor Column): “The Cash Before the Storm” –  Newsday

 First Place – 2011 Press Club Media Awards (General Interest / Humor Column): “When I Was Left to Speak for Both of Us” –  The New York Times

My work has appeared in the following publications:

The New York Times                            Newsday                                                  Los Angeles Times    

New York Daily News                          Chicago Tribune                                     Washington Times            

Philadelphia Daily News                     Baltimore Sun                                         Metro New York     

Virginia Pilot                                        Kansas City Star                                     Hartford Courant        

San Diego Magazine                            Luxury Magazine                                    Resident Publications  

Bliss! Weddings                                    Bridal Guide Magazine                          Bride Again Magazine

Long Island Press                                Daily News & Analysis, Mumbai          Orlando Sentinel

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My New York Times cover story, “At the Side of the Road, Distraction or Tribute,” was featured in the book, Themes of the Times for Death and Dying, (2005 Allyn and Bacon).

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