My wife died suddenly from an aortic dissection almost 9 years ago. She was 66 and had no symptoms until she screamed and collapsed in my arms. It was the day after our 45th anniversary. That moment changed my life forever. While the overwhelming grief has leveled off – I still cry a little every day. Here is what I have discovered over the last 8 years:
1) There is very little information, books or advice available for men. You are on your own. Therapy has been of little value.
2) The social support that so many women speak of is mostly absent for men.
3) Almost all our friends and even family have disappeared from my life even after reaching out to them.
4) Dating is difficult, time consuming and either an incredible disappointment or heartbreaking.
5) Heartbreak and pain is a price you pay for a great love but knowing that doesn’t make it any easier.
Any advice will be appreciated.

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