Widow Power!



A woman I knew for 30 years just passed away at age 88.  She had been widowed when she was in her 60s, and despite missing her husband, lived a full life between the time of his death and her own.  When her husband passed away, she found herself with a car, but no driver’s license. Perhaps it was indicative of her generation or simply that her husband did all the driving. Whatever the reason for her non-driver status, she decided to change it. Without asking her son for help or enlisting the aid of her daughter-in-law, she took driving lessons and passed her road test.  So it was quite a surprise when one Saturday morning her son saw his father’s car pulling up in front of his house, his mother at the wheel.

Widow/ers have enormous power. We’ve survived one of the most stressful life events, yet we don’t always realize our strength.  The widowed often face financial challenges, emotional upheavals and overwhelming changes in every aspect of their lives from their social circles to their personal health. Many are thrust into the world of single parenthood. We not only endure, we grow and thrive.  How did you survive?  What widow accomplishment surprised you?  Have you done something on your own you thought impossible?  We the widowed are not weak, and we are not alone.  Share your stories here.




One thought on “Widow Power!

  1. My longtime off and on fiancé just died 1/22. He was a serious alcoholic, we are in the middle of a blizzard and have to wait for the wake. The family made all the arrangements.They did not even mention my name or my son,(not his) He left me destitute, I had to watch it. I knew it was coming, the cycles were closer together. I just didn’t think that day, I was numb, it was whatever when he left in the ambulance after a horrifying seizure, I had taken him to detox so may times. He woiuldnt go this time, but some how through this blizzard that has given me more time , I am searching for the strength. and I feel relief even though our lives are going to be turned upsidedown, . Many friends knew the big bad secret, the hell I was living. the isolation. Thank god for outpour of support I have received. I feel like the family, is shoving him under the rug and myself. the wake is in the morning and only 1 1/2 hrs, so many people wanted to come, but between the blizzard and the time I fear being hung out to dry. so tired of the word resilient….

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